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Zibibbo, also known as Moscato d’Alessandria is a white grape variety whose origins are not certain, as often happens in the world of wine. In all probability it all began in Egypt, and its diffusion in “Europe” probably depended on the well-known commercial skills of the Phoenicians. History It is thanks to them and afterwards […]



When the topic of conversation revolves around the “vines”, sooner or later the moment arrives when one must necessarily address a complexed one, with which it is difficult even to establish the introduction. This is the case of Moscato, a vine that could be talked about for hours, probably the grape with the most ancient […]



Today we will talk about Cabernet, one of the most prestigious grape varieties in the world, which thanks to its character and determination, can boast having generated unique and unrepeatable wines. Origins The origins, as often happens in these cases, are uncertain and confused, but the most plausible is the one that may have come […]


Primitivo is an ancient grape whose roots are to be found in southern Italy, particularly in the Puglia region. Origins The studies done on this vine have brought its origins to what is now the Balkan Peninsula, so we are talking about Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, and thanks to the Illyrians it probably […]

The Montepulciano d’Abruzzo


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is a magnificent vine, much appreciated in ancient times as well as undervalued in contemporary times, although in recent years it is finally getting the right recognition of its value. In Abruzzo, the origins of the Montepulciano vine date back more than two thousand years, and many positive remarks have come down to […]



Trebbiano is a white grape variety with origins that date back to Roman times, if not even Etruscan, although this is only a hypothesis given that precise documentation on the matter has never been found. Ugni Blanc Over the centuries its presence on the territory gradually consolidated and in Italy today it represents one of […]