The Bag in Box


Although the tradition tends towards the classic and romantic bottle of wine, with its label, cork, capsule and everything that revolves around the symbolic opening of the bottle, it is absolutely necessary to dispel the concept that in the bag in box, which are nothing more than containers with extraordinary storage capacities, cannot be used for quality wines.

The bottle of wine, fascinating and mysterious, especially if served by candlelight and with an unforgettable atmosphere, will never be abandoned or replaced.


Born in America in the 1950s, the bag in box – as the word itself says – is just a food bag, inserted inside a cardboard box, equipped with a particular tap able to rotate on itself to allow the vertical or horizontal positioning of the container, which allows for a very practical pouring position, without the wine inside coming into contact with external elements.

How does it work

With a special filling machine, the still wine, therefore not sparkling, is placed in the bag in the total absence of air – under vacuum – and as it is poured from the tap, the bag compresses on itself, preventing the inlet of air into the bag.

Quality of the wine

Unfortunately, this container induces the less informed consumer to the wrongly association the wine as of low quality, let’s say a little poor. And this is probably due to the memory of some bulk wines, placed in well advertised 1 litre tetra pack containers.

This thought, once more widespread, is today contrasted by the evaluations that many wine enthusiasts make, when choosing the winery according to the winemaking policies of the winery and searching for those who can guarantee transparent, organic certified productions, with an undoubted traceability of raw materials.

With this said, there are a handful of serious and professional producers who have decided to package wines of good quality in Bag in Boxes, with many benefits of the final consumer.


The wine is protected from sudden changes in temperature and from light thanks to the insulating and darkened environment, not only protected by the aluminium bag, but also and above all by the cardboard box in which it is placed.

The same bag, filled with leaves no space for air, this condition of a “total vacuum”, protects its liquid contents from oxidation, as well as from the many external contaminants, Allowing the user to pour for numerous days from the same container without risking spoilage or leftover wine in an open bottle or jug.

📆  Durable

The product is considered long-lived. When sealed, the container can be stored in a clean environment with no air inlets, between 4 and 12 months – although as a precaution, the period of a 6 months is indicated as a “best before” recommendation. Which naturally also varies according to the type of wine.

💰 Convenient

It represents a good supply of product if you consider that a 5-liter bag in box, contains the equivalent of more than 6 standard bottles of wine, is easily transportable during outings or picnics thanks to the sturdy handle, and can be stored anywhere. Also and above all in the refrigerator.

🙌  Easy-to-use

It is incredibly easy to use, both for family use and for parties or events with many guests, even if you want to pour it into special bottles or elegant carafes that give a more captivating image to diners;

👃 No “cork” defects

The risk of “cork” defects is avoided due to the impossibility of being attacked by the armillaria mellea, which is the cork oak fungus; that may contaminate some the corks used in the traditional bottles and that gives off that horrible smell that forces us to throw away the wine.

♻️ Sustainable

From an ecological point of view, it creates a minimal environmental impact, since each component can be completely disposed of separately to be recycled.


Having said that, if the wine you are used to is good and it satisfies your personal taste by responding more than others to your olfactory and taste needs, is the result of organic farming, you are aware of where it was produced and packaged, where the grapes come from, but above all it has always given you great satisfaction, so don’t let yourself be influenced by the usual prejudices and clichés and enjoy the pleasant moments of life.