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The Bag in Box


Although the tradition tends towards the classic and romantic bottle of wine, with its label, cork, capsule and everything that revolves around the symbolic opening of the bottle, it is absolutely necessary to dispel the concept that in the bag in box, which are nothing more than containers with extraordinary storage capacities, cannot be used […]

The Cellar


Article by Francesco Properzi Curti It is precisely in the month of October that there is the real and definitive transition from summer to autumn, from hot days to increasingly colder ones, and from light to the darkness. It is in this period that I think of the bottles that I jealously guard at home, […]

The evolution of wine – Part 2


As we have seen, the processes after the vinification, meaning the phases of maturation/ageing and refinement, are absolutely necessary for the success of a wine which, once produced, needs to stabilize itself by ageing inside a container where it has the opportunity to evolve its organoleptic characteristics. Maturation will lead to its transformation, modifying in […]

The evolution of wine – Part 1


Posted by Francesco Properzi Curti In the field of oenology, all the processes that wine undergoes from the moment of its production – i.e. once vinification is complete – including short, long or very long ageing, represent the evolution that wine will undergo during its life. So, once the grapes have been harvested, the stalks […]

The life cycle of the wine


Posted by Francesco Properzi Curti Temperatures increase, the days get longer and the bare landscapes slowly begin to transform into tones of bright colours: spring has promptly returned and everything around us becomes more beautiful and luminous. It is in this period that I realize that another year has passed and that vegetative world has […]