Moon Vino Spumante Brut


Article by Hannah Lunn

You may be more familiar with the word Pecorino as referring to a delicious, hard sheep’s cheese. It is also, however, an Italian white grape variety known for its crisp, high acidity. In both instances the word translates to ‘little sheep’ and here it is thought to be named after the flocks of fluffy sheep who used to graze on these sweet grapes up in the mountains. Which brings us nicely to our next point: high in acid, high in sugar. The Pecorino grape is able to retain high levels of acidity whilst also accumulating high levels of sugar as it ripens. This is key in assuring the perfect balance between high alcohol (the result of high levels of sugar) and a refreshing acidity.

Pecorino grapes

The reference to mountains here is also pertinent as the Pecorino grapes very much enjoy a sunny, high altitude site with cooling breezes. These moderating influences slow down ripening, allowing a more gradual build up of sugar and slower break down of acids.This in turn gives the grape a chance to build up its character with an array of aromas: floral, mineral, herbal and fruity.

If you were already aware of this delightful variety then what you may not know is that being a high acid grape, it is perfect for sparkling wines. The Rosarubra Moon Vino Spumante is a wonderful example of this.

 Biodynamic agricoltural system 

In a sleek, slender bottle with a simple yet elegant label, this sparkling wine exudes class and is biodynamic too – a bonus! Differing from the more traditional way of growing grapes and making wine, the biodynamic method builds upon the organic school of thought. No chemicals and maximum encouragement of the vine’s ecosystem come first, to this you add a more holistic approach and the all- important lunar calendar. Mixing cosmology and philosophy, here vineyard practises and winery processes are carried out in line with astrological cycles. It is hard not to see the link between name and imagery on this label. Moon is truly a biodynamic wine.

Made in the charmat method (similar to Prosecco) this wine spends 10 months on the lees (dissimilar to Prosecco!) giving it an extra dimension in both flavour and body.

Sensory notes

The nose is delicate and layered with fresh, pure fruit and a touch of florality balanced by a warming savoury depth. At first sip you are met with swathes of white grapefruits – juice, zest and pith, which splash onto the palate. Next come fresh Granny Smith apples adding a mouthwatering crunch. There is a light floral layer swirling through the fruit with fragrant white blossom mingling with that slightly medicinal camomile character. Nestling underneath all this fruit and flora you have an unmistakably savoury backdrop: crusty bread, raw dough and lightly toasted hazelnuts. A surprise element to this Italian sparkler which you might otherwise expect to be a fruity, floral bundle. We have the added lees contact to thank for this enticing element. To finish off there is a wonderful salty tang, reminiscent of seaside holidays and enough to make you go back for more! All in all, this lively wine is delicious with a vibrant yet smooth mousse and a high acidity perfectly balanced by its round, medium body.

Pair this Italian refresher with seaside picnics, oysters and creamy fish stews.

Rosarubra Moon sparkling brut 0,75L.