Rosarubra Moon sparkling Brut 0,75L


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You may be more familiar with the word Pecorino as referring to a delicious, hard sheep’s cheese. It is also, however, an Italian white grape variety known for its crisp, high acidity which is perfect for sparkling wines. This lively wine is delicious with a vibrant yet smooth mousse and a high acidity.
This sparkling wine exudes class and is biodynamic too – a bonus!

Made in the Charmat method (similar to Prosecco) this wine spends 10 months on the lees (dissimilar to Prosecco!) giving it an extra dimension in both flavour and body.

Tasting Notes
Brilliant straw yellow with mellow golden hues and a fine, long-lasting perlage.
Biodynamic agriculture
Container size
0,75 L
Serving temperature
Food matching
Pair this Italian refresher with seaside picnics, oysters and creamy fish stews.
When to drink it
Every occasion becomes magical if you open a refined sparkling wine.
Storage time
Well stored, cautiously 24 months, but for sparkling wines we suggest within one year.
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