Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fattorie Triluna 500ml


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rosarubra 0,5L

The perfect condiment to enhance the flavors of your dishes.

100% Italian olive oil obtained directly from the cold pressing of olives and extracted solely with mechanical procedures.
The manual harvesting of the olives and their processing allow us to obtain an oil, rich in aromas, with an intense color and low acidity. Perfect to accompany the most varied recipes. It is excellent to use both raw and lightly cooked.
Color: intense green.
Bouquet: fruity, full, notes of fresh grass with hints of artichoke and tomato.
Taste: thanks to the presence of significant quantities of polyphenols and vitamin E, it has good fruity notes with an excellent balance between spice and bitterness, particularly appreciated by palates who prefer strong flavors.
Excellent to taste raw but also to cook with and to season any dish. Very delicate and particularly suitable for the Mediterranean diet.
2023/24 harvest
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