12x Special Offer 1967 Red and White Wine Bottles

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Torri 1967 Pinot Grigio

Our Torri Cantine Pinot Grigio is not one of the many mass-produced with nothing much to say. It is fresh and zesty, but there is more power, structure, and flavour from this grape than you have experienced before. The flavour and texture make this Pinot Grigio an excellent food pairing or to keep it simple, served ice cold whilst basking in some warm summer sun!

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Torri 1967 Pinot Grigio Blush 0,75L

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Torri 1967 Merlot Red 0,75L

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Torri 1967 Primitivo Red 0,75L

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12x Bottles Special Offer Anniversary 1967

Enjoy this brand new special box with 12 bottles of your choice of Anniversary 1967 selection.

Compose your selection of wines among:

Torri 1967 Pinot Grigio White Wine 0,75L
Torri 1967 Pinot Grigio Blush Wine 0,75L
Torri 1967 Merlot Red Wine 0,75L
Torri 1967 Primitivo Red Wine 0,75L


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