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Mini cannelloni crèpes with ricotta and spinach


Delicate mini cannelloni crèpes stuffed with the classic ricotta and spinach filling: a simple but delicious baked first course, perfect for a Sunday lunch with the family as a Saturday evening dinner with friends but also the buffet of an important occasion such as Easter and Easter Monday. The mini cannelloni crèpes with ricotta and […]

French Macarons with white chocolate ganache


Macarons are delicious and refined sweets of the French culinary tradition, beautiful to look at and a melting treat for the palate, we offer you this recipe made with the classic French meringue and white chocolate ganache, in a romantic pink version. Servings: 40 macarons Preparation: 40 minutes Cooking time: 10 – 12 minutes Total: […]

Fettuccine with lamb ragout


Recipe by Elisa Bellacomo A great Sunday classic presented in a country chic key by our food blogger friend Elisa Bellacomo. Preparation time: 1 hour + about 2 hours cooking time Difficulty: low Ingredients (doses for 4 people) For the fettuccine: 3 medium eggs 300 g of flour 00 1 pinch of salt For the […]

“Ciambelline” with wine


Recipe by Silvia Monopoli “Ciambelline” look like mini doughnuts and are one of the simplest and best-loved sweets of the Lazio tradition. They have a rustic consistency and a unique and genuine flavour. The secret to making excellent ciambelline is wine, first and foremost: not just any wine for cooking, but a good, fragrant wine, […]

Roasted Beef Brisket in red wine


Recipe from Silvia Monopoli Roasted brisket in red wine is a traditional main dish that has a mouth watering taste and is full of personality. Braised beef brisket that is one of the great classics of the Italian cuisine, perfect for Sunday family lunch or dinner special among friends. Its preparation is not complex at […]