The Torri Cantine estate was founded in 1966 in the Teramo hills of Abruzzo, between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso Mountain. Today Torri Cantine is an amalgamation of some very special vineyards and a modern, state of the art, wine making facility.

The Abruzzo region, in the centre of Italy, lies on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains, due east of Rome, and facing onto the Adriatic Sea. It is a hugely historic region and has been producing wine for over three thousand years.

Our vineyards extend over 150 acres in the villages of Colonnella, Controguerra and Torano, in the municipality of the town of Teramo, in Norther Abruzzo, close to the border with the Marche region, planted on sun-kissed hills at an altitude between 100 to 300 meters above sea level.

Since 1966 Torri Cantine have gone further to employ Organic Agriculture techniques in the vineyards and our wines are now certified as “BIO”.

Our wines are made with uncompromising care, respect for nature, and the pursuit of excellence and the highest quality.

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The Rosarubra estate is an oasis of over 70 acres of vineyards, olive groves and oak forests that we manage employing organic and biodynamic agricultural techniques. The estate is near the village of Pietranico, in the centre of the Abruzzo region, at an altitude of 400 above meter above sea level, about 25 miles inland from the coastal town of Pescara.

We are committed not only to Organic and Biodynamic agriculture, but our mission is also to protect and preserve the environment that surrounds our beautiful estate and their living creatures. Wolves, foxes, ducks, herons, and many other birds have made our estate their home.

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Pat O.L.

I only enjoy DRY rosé, which can be hard to find, but this was pretty good to my taste — great value for money too. Enjoyed several aperitifs of this and served a carafe of it with roast chicken.

Julie B.

This is a beautiful wine. Very inviting aromas of roast coffee beans, so smooth on the palate, with chocolate, oranges and other dark fruits. It’s special! It went so well with Chili con Carne, served with boiled rice and topped with a tasty mature Cheddar cheese. I have two-thirds of a bottle left and I want to keep it all to myself!

John F.

Lovely wine, most enjoyable and it’s a pleasure to purchase from an independent company.