Mini cannelloni crèpes with ricotta and spinach


Delicate mini cannelloni crèpes stuffed with the classic ricotta and spinach filling: a simple but delicious baked first course, perfect for a Sunday lunch with the family as a Saturday evening dinner with friends but also the buffet of an important occasion such as Easter and Easter Monday. The mini cannelloni crèpes with ricotta and […]



Zibibbo, also known as Moscato d’Alessandria is a white grape variety whose origins are not certain, as often happens in the world of wine. In all probability it all began in Egypt, and its diffusion in “Europe” probably depended on the well-known commercial skills of the Phoenicians. History It is thanks to them and afterwards […]

The Bag in Box


Although the tradition tends towards the classic and romantic bottle of wine, with its label, cork, capsule and everything that revolves around the symbolic opening of the bottle, it is absolutely necessary to dispel the concept that in the bag in box, which are nothing more than containers with extraordinary storage capacities, cannot be used […]

French Macarons with white chocolate ganache


Macarons are delicious and refined sweets of the French culinary tradition, beautiful to look at and a melting treat for the palate, we offer you this recipe made with the classic French meringue and white chocolate ganache, in a romantic pink version. Servings: 40 macarons Preparation: 40 minutes Cooking time: 10 – 12 minutes Total: […]



When the topic of conversation revolves around the “vines”, sooner or later the moment arrives when one must necessarily address a complexed one, with which it is difficult even to establish the introduction. This is the case of Moscato, a vine that could be talked about for hours, probably the grape with the most ancient […]

Sottovento Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 2018


Article by Hannah Lunn A grape of two halves, Montepulciano sits behind Sangiovese as being the second most planted variety in Italy. But why two halves? Within the thick skins of this grape you have naturally high levels of both tannins and colour compounds, making it bold by nature. To achieve the perfect ripeness in […]



Today we will talk about Cabernet, one of the most prestigious grape varieties in the world, which thanks to its character and determination, can boast having generated unique and unrepeatable wines. Origins The origins, as often happens in these cases, are uncertain and confused, but the most plausible is the one that may have come […]

Turan Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG Riserva


Look at the Video Post. The Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG Riserva of the Turan Line – produced by Torri Cantine – originates between Colonnella and Controguerra, in the province of Teramo, in a magnificent vineyard over 50 years grown with a canopy system at an altitude of 290 meters with a perfect south / south-east exposure. […]

Moon Vino Spumante Brut


Article by Hannah Lunn You may be more familiar with the word Pecorino as referring to a delicious, hard sheep’s cheese. It is also, however, an Italian white grape variety known for its crisp, high acidity. In both instances the word translates to ‘little sheep’ and here it is thought to be named after the […]